Entertainment Vision

Simdock™ is a video game controller that allows the player to immerse in an interactive athletic environment for Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License, fitness, entertainment and competition. Simdock can be as easy as plugging into a computer USB port, competing with friends on a LAN or the Interent, or the genesis of an interactive sports leaque.

Simdock is the result of interactive development to provide a balance between entertainment and fitness, because we are not all Olympic athletes. html5-templates.co.uk.

Simdock 3.0

How it works

Simdock 3.0 is recognized by any computer (the USB host) as a Human Interface Device (HID). Once recognized, the computer will identify and register it as videogame controller. Once it has been registered it is now possible to assign Simdock as an input device to any off the shelf video game that allows video game controllers as input. In short, almost all video games will recognize Simdock as a valid input device. This release has been successfully tested against numerous racing simulations.

I have been using Simdock to work out with EA's Nascar SimRacing for many years. I can't exercise 5 minutes without it.


The basic configuration for Simdock is to connect the sensor to a stationary bike and to a PC running a standard racing simulation game, such as EA's Need for Speed Shift, or Simbin's GT Legends. These games support multiple video game controllers to be used by the racer. This allows a standard racing wheel to be used for steering and braking, and Simdock to be used as the accelerator. As you pedal the stationary bike or execycle, the car's speed is controlled by the rate of pedaling. Simdock is unique from other video game controllers because it can be programmed to different levels of difficulty. A 50 year old cannot pedal as fast as a twenty-something for the entireity of a video game.

Multi Media Experince

Total Immersion

racestation The future of interactive entertainment is just beginning. Simdock is an example of how a fully immersed multimedia experience can be created by merging the physical world with a virtual world.